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An open source Minecraft re-implementation written from scratch

Minosoft is an open source Minecraft re-implementation. That means that I started with nothing and ended pretty much with Minecraft only by using Kotlin, a bit of java and a lot of OpenGL.

Originally I was pretty annoyed because every server required a different version of minecraft (for the best experience) and then mods would not work anymore and so on.
I decided (pretty much over night) to write an own implementation.

While writing it, I saw that it is not just a simple thing and actually pretty complex. Another difficulty is performance. The crazy thing is, that I started this project over 2 years ago (01.06.2020) and I am still working pretty actively on it.

I learned so much during the development and I am still learning more. It might not be as playable as you expect it, but it has so much lovely fine details and is (in my opinion) a great success.
If you want to read further or simply see the code, head over to my GitLab
Status: Aktiv